Growing Sweet Peas

We are in growing zone 5, so we sow our sweet peas in late winter for beautiful late spring/early summer blooms. They are a very hard working flower and that is definitely a must if it’s going to stay in our seed line up year after year. The more you harvest them, the more they continue to bloom. They have the most beautiful fragrance and the sweetest little tendrils. We look forward to seeing them come to life every spring.

  1. Fill deep pots with good quality potting soil.

  2. Poke 2 holes in each pot, about 1/2” deep and put one seed in each hole.

  3. Put a clear plastic dome over the pots to increase humidity and label each flat. Keep the flat in a cool but bright location for germination.

  4. Once the plants have 4-6 leaves, pinch out the main stem just above a joint leaving 2-3 leaves below. This will encourage the plants to branch out.

  5. We prepare our row by applying a thick layer of compost and tilling it in nice and deep. Sweet peas send their roots down quite low so you want to make sure they have nutrients to reach for.

  6. Lay out drip irrigation and get netting in place.

  7. Plant them 8” apart on both sides of the netting.

  8. Water deeply throughout the season and fertilize with seaweed/fish fertilizer.

  9. Continue to support the fast growing vines by tying them to the netting, this will encourage straight stems.

  10. Harvest when there are 2 buds open on the stem and for continued blooms don’t let the plants go to seed.